Digest "MEN'S SPACE", 2018 AUGUST


Never Give Up – A Man’s Guide to Getting Back Up

BY JOHN   Take a moment and think back to some of your biggest failures. How did you feel? What did you do? Where did you go from there? Did you have a “Never Give Up!” mind set? I think for most of us the initial feeling is absolute despair. You put all your effort behind it only to come up short. We start to develop a Fear of Failure. We lose confidence. What do we do next? Hold that thought and check out this list of men I’ve compiled who had unrivaled success.   Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard and his first business failed. Steve Jobs had 7 products fail big time. Do these sound familiar? Apple Lisa, NeXT, ROKR,...

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Fatherhood Is NOT For Everyone

BY A FEARLESS GUEST CONTRIBUTOR “The appeal of fatherhood is that it irrevocably binds you to another person. Sex is basically an exchange of pleasantries now. Marriage is instantly reversible. But fatherhood is real.” -Esquire Magazine While I normally agree with my friends over at Esquire magazine, I’m forced to disagree with them on this particular statement. At least I disagree with the sentiment that being a father is irrevocably binding. Frankly I think that’s a crock of shit, though I agree that sex and marriage are pretty lax these days. Fatherhood is not binding. Fatherhood is also not for everyone, and I think true fatherhood – the absolute meaning of being a father, you know, truly being there for your...

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5 Simple Tips To Motivate You In the Gym

BY A FEARLESS GUEST CONTRIBUTOR This is a guest post from Jonathan Marshall. If interested in submitting a guest post please read our guest posting policy and then contact us. Inspiration, motivation, and just finding the doggone plain drive to get to the gym and workout can seem impossible sometimes. “I don’t have the time.” “I don’t want to be sore tomorrow because I have to work.” “You know what! After this vacation in two weeks I’m definitely going to start, I promise!” Any of theses excuses sound familiar? I have heard all of these all too often and countless others. What I have found in order to battle these you just have to GET UP AND DO FITNESS!! There are definite motivators that...

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5 Anger Management Strategies

BY JOHN There’s a lot in this world that can stir up ones emotions, and anger is one of those emotions that surfaces quite frequently. And it’s normally not one we’re proud of. I used to get all riled up by traffic. The stupidest thing would set me off in a mindless rage – all done within my own head. As a Christ follower, instantly praying certainly helped calm me down. But I knew there was more to it then just modifying my behavior or doing the action first and then regretting it. I needed a change of heart and that’s where only God’s power can come in and make that happen. After that developing certain habits and reminders also help...

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